Coconut milk yogurt is a snack that originates from Ha Long city (1 province in Vietnam) then widely spread to neighboring provinces. The reason for the wide coverage is due to the deliciousness and the hotness of this dish, although only simple ingredients are mentioned immediately in the name of yogurt, pearls and coconut milk, but when combined getting together will make you hard to resist. Learn how to make this super-hot snack at home to treat yourself and your family.



·   200 gr flour  

·   White sugar 50 gr  

·   Crispy spinach 20 gr  

·   Boil water 100 ml

·   Coconut 300 ml

Coconut milk:  

·   White sugar 100 gr  

·   Corn flour 15 gr

Other materials:  

·   5-pot yogurt  

·   Grated coconut with 50 gr  

·   Roasted sesame 15 gr

Step 1:

Prepare 1 clean bowl, put in that 200gr of flour, 50gr sugar, 20gr of crispy vegetable powder, mix well. Boil 1 pot of water, scoop 100ml boiling water slowly into the bowl, just stir and stir until the dough sticks into 1 block. Use the hand to stuff the dough into a smooth and then divided into smaller blocks. Spread the dough into long, round strands, about the size of the little finger, cut the dough into small pieces of flour and then round it evenly.

Step 2:

Boil a pot of water enough to boil the pearls, pour pearls to boil for 30 minutes, while boil remember to stir the pearl often to avoid the pearl sticking under the bottom of the pot. After 30 minutes or until pearls sink to the bottom of the pot, turn off the stove, cover the lid for composting pearl for 15 minutes. Then remove the pearls and rinse with cold water to reduce the viscosity.

Step 3:

Cook coconut milk: put in 300ml coconut milk, 100gr sugar, 15gr corn flour and north on the stove, stir well for sugar and slightly coconut milk. At this time for pearls in the pot of coconut milk, keep warm until used.

Step 4:

Prepare yogurt or yogurt, coconut grated, roasted white sesame and shaved ice. When eating with yogurt, scoop the coconut milk into a separate glass, sprinkle with grated coconut and roasted sesame on top, scoop 1 tablespoon of yogurt and scoop a spoonful of warm chewy rice. If you eat soft yogurt, you can mix it all together with shaved ice and enjoy. The chewy pearls are submerged in the rich, aromatic coconut milk combined with the sweet yogurt, ensuring you will forget this unique dish.

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