Fried sticky rice is a snack and a breakfast that popular in Viet Nam. Delicious fried is a crunchy outer shell, but still retains the fragrant and flexible inside, sweet meat core makes the taste of fried rice stand out. If you intend to make fried rice at home, you can refer to how to make sticky rice with the meat.


  • Sticky rice 400 gr  
  • 80 ml coconut milk  
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoon  
  • 200 ml of cooking oil
  • Minced pork 300 gr  
  • Carrot 30 gr  
  • Carrot 30 gr  
  • Black fungus 30 gr  
  • White sugar 30 gr  
  • Fish sauce 20 ml  
  • Oyster sauce 20 gr  
  • Pepper 3 gr  
  • Cooking oil 2 tablespoons  
  • Purple onion 20 gr
  • Cooking oil 2 tablespoons  
  • Ginger hash 15 gr  
  • Shredded onion 15 gr  
  • 30 ml soy sauce  
  • White sugar 30 gr  
  • Chili sauce 30 gr  
  • 100 ml coconut water

Step 1:

Wash 400gr sticky rice and soak it in cold water for 4 hours (or overnight) for soft sticky rice, then drain. Prepare to steam, put on a banana leaf or put a fork, pour sticky rice, add 80ml coconut milk and 1/2 teaspoon salt, mix well. Cover with steamed sticky rice for about 20 minutes to soften. Now you have the fragrant sticky rice with coconut milk to prepare to make fried rice.

Step 2:

Create shape of sticky rice: Prepare a tray, lined with stencils or wrap the food below to prevent sticking. Take out to the tray, use hand to compress to stick sticky rice together, compress the sticky rice so that the sticky rice is about 5cm thick. Then use a round mold or cup to cut the sticky rice into beautiful round pieces. Wrap the cut pieces of sticky rice with a wrap (or put it in a box), put it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Make the fried pork core: For ingredients including 300gr grilled pork, 30gr carrots cut diced, 30gr diced cassava root, 30gr cat mushroom cut pomegranate into the same bowl. Add seasoning: 30gr of sugar, 20ml of fish sauce, 20gr of oyster sauce, 3gr of pepper to the kernel and mix well for all spices. Stir-fry 20gr onion hash with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, stir-fry the meat.

Step 4:

Cook fried sticky rice dipping sauce. First stir-fry to gold 15gr minced onion and 15gr minced ginger with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. Then add 30ml soy sauce, 30gr sugar, 30gr chili sauce, stir and cook for the mixture to boil. Add 100ml of coconut water to the saucepan, stir well and boil the sauce again.

Step 5:

Heat 200ml of cooking oil on a pan, add each piece of fried sticky rice to golden sides, still retain the flexible of the middle sticky layer. Fry the fried rice into a plate to drain off the oil.

Step 6:

Cut two pieces of fried sticky rice horizontally, scoop the minced meat into the middle, sprinkle with a sauce or chili sauce, and sprinkle with cotton and steam on the sticky rice to serve it if you like.

Step 7:

Delicious crispy pork, has a minced meat inside, creating a unique flavor for the dish that has become familiar with childhood. The food is better when it is spicy with chili sauce. Let’s donate to family and friends to enjoy this simple and attractive sticky rice dish.

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