The grilled filet is convenient, but the aroma and flavor cannot be delicious and typical when using charcoal grill. More especially, this recipe is marinated with a Russian spice powder that will produce a grilled meat that has a charming fragrance and a sweet salty taste. This meat dish is most delicious when combined with olive and sour cucumber.


·   Lean meat 1 kg

·   Foreign wine 100 ml (Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine))

· Onion 1 bulb
· Lemon 1 fruit
· Oyster sauce 1 teaspoon
· Honey 1 tablespoon

Step 1:

Meat washed, cut the flag about 3cm. Lemon sliced. Wash onion slices.

Step 2:

Marinate meat with Russian spices, oyster sauce, honey, red wine and mix well. After that, put the sliced onions and lemons and mix well to make them absorb. Put in the box and put it in the freezer fridge for about 8 hours or overnight.

Step 3:

Bake on a charcoal stove. Note, baking a little scorch is delicious but careful because the meat is easily flammable because of honey.

Step 4:

This barbecue served with sour cucumber olives is the most delicious. If you cannot replace it with salad is also great. If you see pale, you can add chutney, ketchup.

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