Young coconut tea with pineapple jelly

Young coconut tea with pineapple jelly – delicious dessert mixed with the coolness of pineapple jelly and the greasiness of coconut milk. Biting a piece of sweet crispy coconut into your mouth will definitely melt your sweet heart. How to cook coconut tea with jelly leaves is not difficult at all, you can cook at home for everyone to enjoy. The hot summer days are about to come, what are you waiting for without going to the kitchen and try this cool and cool tea recipes right away to cool down.


·         Young coconut rice 400 gr

·         400 ml coconut milk

·         200 gr white sugar

·         100gr semolina

·         300 ml water

·         100ml pineapple juice

·         Spinach powder 5 gr

·         White sugar 100 gr

·         600 ml water

Step 1:

Pineapple leaves prepared a small bundle, washed, chopped and then put in a blender blender with 100ml of water. Use a sieve to remove the leaves of a pineapple leaf with 100ml of juice. Boil over 600ml of water, mix the vegetable powder with sugar and slowly pour this mixture into the water, stirring and stirring until the vegetables and sugar dissolve. Then pour in the pineapple juice, stir and stir down. Pour the vegetables out of the mold, let it cool, then put in the refrigerator compartment to wait for frozen the spinach.

Step 2:

When the jelly is frozen, remove it from the mold and cut it into small pieces of food. Young coconut rice washed, also cut into strands like pineapple jelly.

Step 3:

Put the semolina in the pot of boiling water until it hatches. Remove the semolina in a separate bowl.

Step 4:

Put 300ml of water in a saucepan and 400ml of coconut milk, cook until warm, add sugar, semolina and young coconut rice, wait for the water to boil, then cool down, let it cool. When the tea is cool, you can put the pineapple jelly in the same or leave the jelly alone until it is ready to eat.

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